Complex-Valued Signal Processing

Signals that can be conveniently modeled as complex-valued signals occur in many fields of signal processing such as in communication systems, medical imaging ... [more]

Interference-Limited Communication Systems 

Inter-user interference is one of the most important challenges in modern communication systems since a dense reuse of resources is required due to the scarcity of the available spectrum ... [more]


Millimeter-Wave Communications

The vast amount of spectrum available in the underutilized millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency bands is considered as one of the key enablers for the demanded tremendous increase in the capacity ... [more]


MIMO Radar

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar, sometimes also referred to as MIMO radar with colocated antennas or coherent MIMO radar, is an emerging technology ... [more]

Multi-User MIMO Communications

In cellular networks, where a base station needs to transfer data to and from several users, it is possible to exploit the spatial degrees of freedom offered by several antennas at the base station ... [more]


Optimization in Power Systems

The transmission grid is an infrastructure for the bulk transfer of electrical energy from generation facilities to loads. For its economic utilization, an optimal allocation of generation resources ... [more]


Sparse Signal Processing

It is well known that under-determined linear systems of equations may admit infinitely many solutions. Within the field of sparse signal processing ... [more]


Wireline Communications

Today’s growing use of multimedia applications over the internet demands ever increasing data rates. With the expansion of fiber networks only the last meters from the distribution point (DP) to the customer ... [more]