MIMO Radar

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar, sometimes also referred to as MIMO radar with colocated antennas or coherent MIMO radar, is an emerging technology which will play a major role in the design of future, cutting-edge radar systems. Whereas each antenna of a conventional phased-array radar transmits a scaled version of the same waveform, each transmit antenna of a MIMO radar is able to transmit an independent waveform.

MIMO radar exploits the increase of degrees of freedom at the transmit array in order to improve resolution, flexibility, and adaptivity in comparison to conventional, e.g., phased-array, radar systems. For example, coherent MIMO radar is a promising technology for applications where high resolution is necessary in order to detect and identify closely spaced objects.

In our research, we focus on imaging algorithms for MIMO radar, i.e., the joint estimation of range, angle, velocity, and reflectivity of targets in the radar scene. To that end, we apply and develop low-complexity algorithms as well as high-resolution methods. Our work aims at robust, efficient, and effective imaging algorithms for MIMO radar.