Methods of Signal Processing

Applied Information Theory

Information theory constitutes the theoretical foundation of all kinds of modern digital communication systems. By means of information theoretic metrics it is, e.g., possible to quantify ... [more]

Array Processing

Array processing is concerned with the joint processing of signals from spatially separated sensors. Typically, the sensors are arranged on a line, a square, ... [more]

Circuit Theory

Circuit theory is traditionally one of the key fields of electrical engineering. It revolves around the systematic analysis and modeling of electronic circuits and electronic components ... [more]

Numerical Linear Algebra

In numerical linear algebra, the effects of an inexact arithmetic on the stability of linear algebra operations are studied. As soon as computations are performed with finite precision ... [more]


Optimization is an essential tool for decision making and it is extensively used in the design and operation of systems. In its most common form, optimization ... [more]

Statistical Signal Processing

Statistical signal processing is a field of signal processing and applied mathematics that treats signals as stochastic processes. The introduction of statistical models for the signals of interest ... [more]