International Seminar on Signal Processing

Lecturer: Wolfgang Utschick and Josef A. Nossek

In Cooperation with:
Prof. Markus Rupp (Institute of Telecommunications, TU Vienna)
Prof. Armin Wittneben (Communication Technology Laboratory, ETH Zürich)

Organization: Matthias Hotz

Target Audience: Master EI

Language: English

Offered in: Summer Term


The Institute of Telecommunications at TU Vienna (Prof. Rupp, Prof. Mecklenbräucker and Prof. Görtz), the Communication Technology Lab at ETH Zürich (Prof. Wittneben) and the Methods of Signal Processing Group at Technische Universität München (Prof. Utschick) are organizing an international seminar on selected topics in signal processing and communications for students from the participating institutions during the summer term. The students (4-6 from each department) are offered potential topics by the corresponding supervisors, collect the required literature, understand the topic, summarize it in a two-page abstract and finally give a scientific talk. The talks are held in Zürich, Vienna and Munich. The travel and accommodation costs are covered by the organizers.


Please send your informal application with an up-to-date transcript of records by April 1, 2019, to

Scheduled Dates (Summer Term 2019)

May 31, 2019TU Wien
June 7, 2019ETH Zürich
June 28, 2019TU München