Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Lecturer: Wolfgang Utschick and Tobias Laas

Target Audience: Master EI and MSCE

Language: English

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Additional Information: TUMonline and Moodle

This lab is offered in both winter and summer terms.


Lab Hours in Summer Semester 2019

Tuesday09:00 – 13:00N1110B
Kick-Off Meeting: Friday, 2019-04-26 at 13:15.


This lab deals with the basics of digital signal processing on a digital signal processor. There is space for up to sixteen students. Analysis and design is done via MATLAB and implementation on Texas Instrument TMS320C6416 fixed-point digial signal processor. The lab is separated into eight units. The topics are as follows:

1) Introduction to hardware & software tools of TMS320C6416 DSK.

2) Sampling theory, D/A-, A/D-conversion and signal generation.

3) Discrete-time signals and systems, linear coefficients difference equations and realization structures, convolution and correlation

4) Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms

5) Introduction to z-transform and its properties

6) Digital FIR filters design

7) Digital IIR filters design

8) Filter Banks